An engagement model is specify after first project discussion or directly chosen by the client / customer.
A client can choose a particular engagement model as per requirements, convenience and preferred work

TALPEO understands that each project has different requirements. To make sure that we render our
service to our client in a way that best suits to him/her, we offer three engagement models through
which we try to minimize cost and maximize service satisfaction for our clients.

Fixed Time Engagement Model:

Fixed Time Engagement Model is for those clients who are clear about the requirements of the project.
The model is favoured by clients who don’t wish to get involved fully in the execution process and
would like the hired company to take complete responsibility of the processes.
Dedicated Team Engagement Model:

Dedicated Team Engagement Model is suits for those clients who want total control of their project and
resources. The client is provided with a dedicated team that takes care of every aspect of the project
at hand.

Hourly Base Engagement Model:

When clients are not clear about the requirements or needs and there are possibilities of changes in specification, designing and other details. So, this model works best as client can go back to make changes as per his needs. This is called Agile Methodologies (Graphs).